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EAG International & VAE 2019 - Celebrating Ten Years Of Industry Innovation

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? EAG International & VAE 2019 ?- ?Celebrating Ten Years Of Industry Innovation On 15-17th?January, the prestigious ?ExCel London will open its doors to reveal ?the 10th?EAG International &

EAG International & VAE 2019  -  Celebrating Ten Years Of Industry Innovation

On 15-17th January, the prestigious  ExCel London will open its doors to reveal  the 10th EAG International & Visitor Attraction Expo. In its short history the show has constantly adapted to the challenges and opportunities faced by its supporters, emerging as a much anticipated and enjoyable annual gathering.

A period of 10 years has a huge and even mystical significance in many cultures and for sure the number 10 is often linked with special qualities; in football the number 10 shirt has been worn by some of the greatest players and in rugby, it’s the number 10 shirt wearer who usually gets to call the shots. In the UK, No. 10 Downing Street is the official residence and office of the Prime Minister.

In 10 years, EAG & VAE has reflected changes in the industry, evolving from its amusements and coin-op roots, to a show embracing indoor and adventure play and reflecting the dynamic markets for of out-of-home entertainment.

For bacta Chief Executive John White the tenth year may be cause for celebration but it’s very much business as usual: “The show has reached this milestone because of the inventiveness and resilience of our exhibitors through what, let’s face it, has been a difficult economic period. The show’s success is also due to our loyal visitors who regularly travel from around the world, often braving London’s worst weather, to experience the latest products and to spend quality time with industry colleagues,” thanked John.

Organiser Karen Cooke is urging those planning to visit the show to register and plan their visit well in advance: “Hotel accommodation is inevitably at a premium during EAG International & VAE. Those booking early should be able to secure the hotel of their choice at a more competitive rate. The show’s new-look website has access to some very good rates via our accommodation partner Event Express,” advised Karen.

Those making the Journey to EAG International & VAE 2019 will be well rewarded. The very latest products from more than 150 manufacturers, an up-to-the minute seminar programme and first class networking opportunities will combine to deliver an inspirational three days of business-transforming opportunities.

To find out more about the transformational power of EAG International & VAE 2019 visit the show’s new-look website 福建36选7走势


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