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Scandinavian Gaming Show 2018

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MEDIA RELEASE Scandinavian Gaming Show 2018                          Monday, 6 August 2018  


Scandinavian Gaming Show 2018                          Monday, 6 August 2018




The Countdown Begins – Only 30 Days Until Scandinavian Gaming Show


By: Staff Writer at Eventus International


6 August 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa/ Stockholm, Sweden


Today, Eventus International announced that registrations for their first ever Scandinavian gaming Show are coming in quickly.


The Scandinavian gambling market is buzzing with excitement for the new opportunities that a fully regulated Swedish market will bring. Not only will Swedish entrepreneurs have the opportunity to legally operate within the sports betting sector come January, but local software providers will be able to begin grooming new operators in Sweden for success.


To get stakeholders excited and well prepared for the fantastic opportunities these new regulations will bring to local entrepreneurs, Eventus International has called together a star studded panel of gambling experts to discuss all things gaming at the inaugural Scandinavian  Gaming Show which will be held at Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm, Sweden from 5-6 September 2018.

Naturally, local and international gaming sector professionals are rushing to register for #SGS2018 and this is why you should do so too:


● Better understand the new Swedish gambling regulations

● Learn more about how to be successful in newly regulated markets from leading experts

● Listen first-hand to how other regions will assist with AML and regional controls

● Be advised on the latest emerging tech trends for online and land-based operations

● See how Europe's leading software providers re-imagine online casino platforms

● Discover the opportunities that Daily Fantasy Sports and eSports Betting that are waiting to be explored in the Scandinavian market

● Find out how sports innovation goes hand-in-hand with sporting achievements in sports

● Get to grips with the new Swedish marketing rules, both theory and practice

● Explore how diversity and inclusion in the gaming sector are creating new opportunities for companies and employees

● Make valuable new connections with senior stakeholders from all disciplines of the gambling sector

● Be motivated by the leadership and best practice lessons of some of the sector's biggest icons.

These are only a few ways in which your company will benefit in the gaming sector by attending the Scandinavian Gaming Show next month. Be there to fully experience all the opportunities that Eventus International has in store for you at the show!


Go to Eventus International’s website for the full line up of speakers and topics on the SGS agenda:


Have a look at some of the companies who will be attending so far:



1710 Gaming Ltd
Bisnode AB
Casinos Austria AG
European Casino Association
Funtasy sports
Gambler Analytics
Gaming Laboratories International
Hero Gaming
iGaming Idol
Kastell Advokatbyrå AB
iGaming Idol

Pioneer Play

Meridian Gaming Ltd
Pioneer Play
Princeton Public Affairs Group  Inc..
Red Rhino
Skywind Group
Sporting Solutions
Swedish Gambling Association
Taylor Wessing





The rush to register for the Scandinavian Gaming Show is on! Register now to secure your place at this monumental gaming sector conference.




Or Contact our Marketing Director below to register directly


Only 5 exhibition stands left for the Scandinavian Gaming Show!


With the Swedish sports betting sector officially opening for business in January next year, operators across from Europe are rushing to get the best software and solutions. The Scandinavian Gaming Show is in the right place at the right time to ensure that your solutions get the exposure they need so that you can secure partnerships with these operators long before next year.


Contact Eventus International’s Marketing Director; Lou Mari Burnett to find out how we can boost your sales in the Scandinavian Market.


Lou-Mari Burnett

Marketing Director  

Eventus International

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +27829075850




 About the event:


Now is the time to forge new partnerships in the Swedish and Scandinavian market.

The Swedish parliamentary votes in 2018 and the coming re-regulation, to be enforced from January 2019, will create numerous possibilities for the gaming sector. Sweden and Stockholm in particular will be one of the biggest iGaming hotspots of Europe and the world. Taking these momentous developments into account, Eventus International decided late last year to organise The Scandinavian Gaming Show.

The Scandinavian Gaming Show has a clear objective in mind: to help create a safe, regulated and responsible gaming environment, while opening up the market to the game-changing technological innovations our shows are known for.

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Daily Fantasy Sports, eSports Betting, and VR Casinos are set to change the Gaming landscape forever. As these developments create massive opportunities and pose notable threats, we seek to provide the market with an unbiased programme that explores both sides of the coin. At Eventus International, we aim to equip delegates with the practical skills required to succeed in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Scandinavian Gaming Show will be attended by local and international gaming sector operators, software providers, payment gateway providers, fraud and AML experts, Lawyers, Gaming regulators, legislators, government officials and iGaming innovators from around the world, Compliance officers.

Register now to be part of the very first The Scandinavian Gaming Show!



Contact Eventus International’s Marketing Director; Lou Mari Burnett to find out how Eventus International can raise your profile in the Scandinavian Market


Lou-Mari Burnett

Marketing Director  

Eventus International

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +27829075850




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